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Emergency Survival Gear

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Emergency Survival Gear

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Emergency Survival Gear

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N95 Masks

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What You Can Do To Prevent COVID-19 | Coronavirus Infections

• Wash Your Hands Frequently for 20 seconds or Use an Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer
• Avoid Touching your Face
• Avoid Handshakes
• Maintain 6 feet of Distance from People whenever Possible
• ALWAYS Cover your Cough using Appropriate Cough Etiquette
• If you any Respiratory Symptoms, wear a N95 Mask until your Symptoms Resolve
• If you have a Fever, Stay Home from Work or School

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Hand Sanitizer

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How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is currently in very high demand or sold out, due to the COVID-19 | Coronavirus Virus Pandemic. Coronavirus Online Price Gouging Continues! Hand Sanitizer is Simply 2/3 Germ Killing Isopropyl Alcohol suspended in 1/3 Gel!

This Easy-to-Make Home Recipe Produces 48 oz of Effective Hand Sanitizer:
32 oz 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (70% is not as effective)
16 oz Vegetable Based Glycerin or 16 oz Aloe Vera Gel

Combine and stir well. Pour into Small Plastic Bottles.

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Coronavirus Survival Kits

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This Emergency Survival Kit or 3 Day Bug Out Bag Contains Supplies for 2 Person, 3 Day Backpack.
• Made in USA
• Includes food, water, and emergency blankets
• One 33-piece first aid kit
• Two safety light sticks
• A backpack keeps supplies at the ready

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